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Aim: The PAMJ Clinical Medicine was created to highlight the rich output of clinical practice accross Africa. Scope: We publish clinical case reports, case series, images, reviews, commentary, opinions and research articles from the broad spectrum of clinical medicine, clinical practice, and clinical research.

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Sputum smear and Gene-Xpert negative pulmonary tuberculosis; a diagnostic dilemma in primary tuberculosis (Case report)
Yvonne Ayerki Nartey, Rosemary Kuenyefu Awindaogo, Ama Gyadua Boadu, Kofi Ulzen-Appiah, Bashiru Babatunde Jimah, Elizabeth Agyare, Yaw Asante Awuku
PAMJ-CM. 3(164). 07 Aug 2020
Genoux flottants : aspects lésionnels et thérapeutiques (à propos de 72 cas) (Case series)
Driss Oudrhiri, Rachid Maanouk, Hamza Filali Baba, Pefakouo Touondounko, Hatim Abid, Mohamed El Idrissi, Abdelhalim El Ibrahimi, Abdelmajid El Mrini
PAMJ-CM. 3(163). 06 Aug 2020
Vulvar varicose veins and pregnancy: childbirth management (Letter to the editors)
Hadiza Moutari Soule, Alpha Boubacar Conte, Sofia Jayi, Abraham Alexis Sano, Fatima Zohra Fdili Alaoui, Hikmat Chaara, Moulay Abdelilah Melhouf
PAMJ-CM. 3(157). 04 Aug 2020
Pregnancy dermatoses - a study of patients attending antenatal clinic at two tertiary care centers in south west Nigeria (Research)
Olusola Olabisi Ayanlowo, Erere Otrofanowei, Tessie Owolabi Shorunmu, Omololu Adegbola
PAMJ-CM. 3(156). 04 Aug 2020
Atrophie optique secondaire à la maladie de Van Buchem (À propos d´un cas) (Case report)
Shamil Louaya, Mohammed Badaoui, Abdennasser El Kharras, Omar Moustaine, Said Chatoui, Ahmed Alayoud
PAMJ-CM. 3(155). 03 Aug 2020
Arthropathie tabétique : pathologie méconnue (à propos d´un cas) (Case report)
Imane Jamai Amir, Ghita Yahyaoui, Mustapha Mahmoud
PAMJ-CM. 3(154). 03 Aug 2020
Profil bactériologique des péritonites infectieuses chez les patients en dialyse péritonéale : expérience du CHU Hassan II de Fès (Case series)
Imane Jamai Amir, Ghizlane Oulali, Ghita Yahyaoui, Mustapha Mahmoud
PAMJ-CM. 3(144). 29 Jul 2020
Penile lichen planus recognized by dermoscopy: a case report (Case report)
Radia Chakiri
PAMJ-CM. 3(141). 29 Jul 2020
Acetabular fractures in the elderly (≥ 60 years old): a propos of 33 cases (Case series)
Mohamed Moustapha Pefakouo Touondounko , David Jimnah Nkuyi Ekondo, Souleymane Thierno Bah, Driss Oudrhiri, Kabwe Chipalo, Hatim Abid, El Idrissi Mohamed, El Ibrahimi Abdelhalim, El Mrini Abdelmajid
PAMJ-CM. 3(134). 23 Jul 2020
Papillomavirus infection and preterm birth. Chronicle of a broken relationship? case series and review of the literature (Case series)
Laura Giambanco, Vito Iannone, Maddalena Borriello, AntonellaFederica Montalto
PAMJ-CM. 3(133). 23 Jul 2020

Case report of the week

Arthropathie tabétique : pathologie méconnue (à propos d´un cas) (Case report)
Imane Jamai Amir, Ghita Yahyaoui, Mustapha Mahmoud
PAMJ-CM. 3(154). 03 Aug 2020

Clinical image of the week

The persistent central canal (Images in clinical medicine)
Abdel Ilah Drissi Maniani, Najwa Ech-Chrif El Kettani
PAMJ-CM. 3(159). 05 Aug 2020

Images in clinical medicine

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Volume 3 (May - Aug 2020)
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