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Aim: The PAMJ Clinical Medicine was created to highlight the rich output of clinical practice accross Africa. Scope: We publish clinical case reports, case series, images, reviews, commentary, opinions and research articles from the broad spectrum of clinical medicine, clinical practice, and clinical research.

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The association of frequency of urination with COVID-19 (new symptom of COVID-19) (Letter to the editors)
Hashim Talib Hashim, Mohammad Yasir Essar, Shoaib Ahmad
PAMJ-CM. 5(87). 23 Apr 2021
Immunosuppressive drugs and ganciclovir: two modalities to prevent COVID-19 severity: a case report (Case report)
Meriem Ben Salem, Letaief Salima, Hamouda Mouna, Sahbi Khaled Taieb, Insaf Handous, Ben Saleh Manel, Letaief Ahmed, Aloui Sabra, Habib Skhiri
PAMJ-CM. 5(86). 23 Apr 2021
Le syndrome de Miller-Fisher au cours d´une pneumonie virale à coronavirus (HCov) (Case report)
Anass Elbouti, Amine Belghiti, Walid Atamani, Naoufal Doghmi, Hicham Bakali
PAMJ-CM. 5(85). 19 Apr 2021
Association fasciite de Shulman, thyroïdite auto-immune et syndrome de Gougerot Sjögre : à propos d´un cas (Case report)
Sara Elloudi, Hanane Baybay, Zakia Douhi, Fatima Zohra Mernissi
PAMJ-CM. 5(84). 19 Apr 2021
Le syndrome de Seckel : une entité rare en pédiatrie (Case report)
Karima El Fakiri, Zahira Lazrag, Noureddine Rada, Ghizlane Draiss, Mohammed Bouskraoui
PAMJ-CM. 5(83). 16 Apr 2021
Pathological fracture of the knee revealing Burkitt lymphoma: a case report (Case report)
Mustapha Mechtoune, Fatima Zahra Lahlimi, Ilias Tazi
PAMJ-CM. 5(81). 06 Apr 2021
Myiase auriculaire humaine : à propos de deux cas (Case report)
Ikrame Boumendil, Najwa Belhaj, Hanaa Rahim, Sofia Nitassi, Razika Bencheikh, Mohammed-Anas Benbouzid, Abdelilah Oujilal, Leila Essakalli
PAMJ-CM. 5(80). 06 Apr 2021

Case report of the week

Rituximab induced acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) reversed with plasmapheresis: case report (Case report)
Chouikh Chakib, Bouaiyda Ayoub, Jeddab Achraf, Mounir Khalil, Balkhi Hicham
PAMJ-CM. 5(67). 11 Mar 2021

Clinical image of the week

Rétinopathie de Purtscher unilatérale secondaire à un traumatisme cranio-facial (Images in clinical medicine)
Souhail Jouahri, Yousra Boubnan
PAMJ-CM. 5(88). 26 Apr 2021

Images in clinical medicine

Part of the largest collection of published images in clinical medicine in Africa.


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Volume 6 (May - Aug 2021)
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