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Aim: The PAMJ Clinical Medicine was created to highlight the rich output of clinical practice accross Africa. Scope: We publish clinical case reports, case series, images, reviews, commentary, opinions and research articles from the broad spectrum of clinical medicine, clinical practice, and clinical research.

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Oral hygiene and periodontal treatment interventions for reducing blood pressure in hypertensive adults from low and middle-income countries: a systematic review (Review)
Agnes Gatarayiha, Caleb Kimutai Sagam, Joseph Ntaganira, Stephen Rulisa, Léon Mutesa, Zoe Brookes
PAMJ-CM. 15(20). 11 Jun 2024
Asystole in a patient complaining of syncope, a case of paroxysmal ventricular standstill: a case report (Case report)
Armel Djomou Ngongang, Etienne Verlain Fouedjio Kafack, Xavier Kuelang Kengni, Christian Ngongang Ouankou, Christelle Yopa Kenmegni, Félicité Kamdem
PAMJ-CM. 15(19). 07 Jun 2024
Bacillary angiomatosis successfully treated with doxycycline and erythromycin: a case report (Case report)
Samia Yaheya Metena, Fuad Awel Temam
PAMJ-CM. 15(18). 06 Jun 2024
Indications and outcomes of major limb amputations in children aged 0-18 years in Douala general hospital and Laquintinie Hospital: a 10-year retrospective study (Research)
Nkeutcha Simo Gildas Karel, Nana Theophile Chunteng, Nathan Ezie Kengo, Efeti Flora Motimbo Ekeku, Fokam Puis Nwesang, Ngowe Ngowe Marcellin
PAMJ-CM. 15(17). 06 Jun 2024
Epidermoid carcinoma of the nasal cavity: a report of two cases (Case report)
Ameziane Hassani Mariam, Oumaima Masfioui, Benmansour Najib, Mohamed Noureddine El Alami El Amine
PAMJ-CM. 15(16). 05 Jun 2024
Prenatal genetic diagnosis of a high-risk Morquio A syndrome foetus: a rare case report and literature review (Case report)
Ghada Abdelmoula, Aymen Khalfaoui, Ibtissam Lakmali, Nairouz Mtir, Houssem Ragmoun
PAMJ-CM. 15(15). 05 Jun 2024
Anomalous origin of the right coronary artery arising from the left coronary sinus of valsalva in a Nigerian adult: a case report (Case report)
Olurotimi John Badero, Oyewole Adebiyi Kushimo, Bamikole Tosin Osibowale
PAMJ-CM. 15(14). 05 Jun 2024
Radiotherapy in the management of Kaposi´s sarcoma: a cross-sectional study in a single institution, literature review, and analysis of different techniques (Case series)
Tariq Igarramen, Sabiq Amina, Barkich Samir, Nezha Oumghar, Darfaoui Mouna, Elomrani Abdelhamid, Khouchani Mouna
PAMJ-CM. 15(13). 04 Jun 2024
Successful endovascular limb salvage revascularization in a patient with chronic total occlusion of the superficial femoral artery in Nigeria: a case report (Case report)
Olurotimi Badero, Bamikole Osibowale, Adebola Oluwabusayo Adetiloye
PAMJ-CM. 15(12). 31 May 2024
Dépistage de la drépanocytose chez les écoliers de la ville de Kinshasa (Research)
Hortelin Kilesi Nzanda, Bertin Mukuna, Sylvie Linsuke, Pierre Mukadi-Kaningu
PAMJ-CM. 15(10). 28 May 2024

Case report of the week

Nasopharyngeal tuberculosis: report of two cases (Case report)
Anouar Ben Ameur El Youbi, Mariam Ameziane Hassani, Abdellatif Oudidi, Nawal Hammas, Mohamed Noureddine EL Alami El Amine
PAMJ-CM. 14(40). 16 Apr 2024

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