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The PAMJ CM Images provides quick access to images published in the PAMJ Clinical Medicine. Images are submitted by clinical practitioners around the world to share unique clinical features for knowledge sharing and medical practice and training. Images in clinical Medical are published and under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).
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Hamartome mammaire
Soukaina Laaraj
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 8: 10. Published 18 January 2022

Anomalie du disque de gloire du matin
Rim El Hachimi, Rida El Hadiri
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 8: 8. Published 13 January 2022

L´ulcère de Mooren: une cause rare parfois grave d´ulcération cornéenne périphérique!
Rim El Hachimi, Rida El Hadiri
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 8: 7. Published 13 January 2022

White eyed blow out fracture: an easily overlooked finding
Aishwarya Ashok Gupta, Anendd Arroon Jadhav
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 8: 5. Published 12 January 2022

Osgood-Schlatter disease: X-ray image
Amina Alaoui, Nizar Bouardi
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 8: 3. Published 10 January 2022

Neovascularisation of the lens capsule: a unique finding
Rida El Hadiri , Rim El Hachimi
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 8: 2. Published 04 January 2022

Iridocorneal endothelial syndrome: a mysterious question
Rida El Hadiri, Rim El Hachimi
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 8: 1. Published 04 January 2022

Luxation tarso-métatarsienne plantaire: à propos d´un cas exceptionnel
Amine El Ghazoui, Sergio Ekekang Ncogo Nsegue
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 7: 29. Published 22 December 2021

Haematocornea: a turning point in neglected trauma!
Rim El Hachimi, Rida El Hadiri
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 7: 27. Published 15 December 2021

Luxation radio-carpienne
Amine El Ghazoui, Rhita Salah
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 7: 26. Published 14 December 2021

Syndrome d'Urrets-Zavalia: une complication imprédictible de chirurgie de la cataracte
Rim El Hachimi, Rida El Hadiri
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 7: 22. Published 09 December 2021

A historical cholesteatoma with almost all complications
Oussama Amraoui, Leila Essakalli
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 7: 18. Published 03 December 2021

Vascularite rétinienne occlusive bilatérale révélant une syphilis
Islam Bechakh
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 7: 17. Published 03 December 2021

Le clandestin vicieux! myxome géant de l´oreillette gauche
Sara Ahchouch, Rhita Ezzahraoui, Ilyasse Asfalou, Aatif Benyass
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 7: 16. Published 03 December 2021

Penetrating intracranial wooden stick injury in an 11-year-old boy
Noukhoum Koné
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 7: 14. Published 23 November 2021

Volume 9 (May - Aug 2022)
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