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The PAMJ CM Images provides quick access to images published in the PAMJ Clinical Medicine. Images are submitted by clinical practitioners around the world to share unique clinical features for knowledge sharing and medical practice and training. Images in clinical Medical are published and under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).
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Chronic plaque psoriasis
Trupti Thakre, Sourabh Deshmukh
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 42. Published 22 August 2022

Case of imperforated anus in children
Monika Meshram, Sheetal Asutkar
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 40. Published 17 August 2022

Spontaneous lens luxation into anterior chamber: why is it important to intervene immediately?
Kawtar Bouirig, Anas Aziz
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 39. Published 17 August 2022

A case of lunatomalacia
Parth Shah
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 38. Published 17 August 2022

Hailey-Hailey Disease
Sourabh Gyanranjan Deshmukh, Trupti Ishwardas Thakre
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 36. Published 12 August 2022

Kyste hydatique cérébral chez l´enfant
Housseyn Benhaboucha, Zakaria Zoheir Addou
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 34. Published 11 August 2022

P3 mitral valve prolapse in a young patient, an uncommon case
Nabil Laktib, Raid Faraj
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 33. Published 11 August 2022

Une présentation cutanée inhabituelle de la maladie de Kaposi: un nodule plantaire solitaire
Khadim Diop, Khadidiatou Dansokho
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 32. Published 11 August 2022

Severe tophaceous gout affecting joints and skin
Hanaâ El Moutaouakil, Kawtar Nassar
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 30. Published 08 August 2022

A rare manifestation of Wegener´s disease: scleromalacia perforans
Ibrahim Boumehdi, Salma Assila
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 29. Published 08 August 2022

Effect of beta-blocking eye drops on conjunctival hemangioma in newborns
Kheira Kerrouche, Zakaria Zoheir Addou
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 27. Published 03 August 2022

Lymphangiome microkystique superficiel scrotal (lymphangioma circumscriptum) à l´Hôpital de Dermatologie de Bamako (HDB)
Savané Moussa, Traoré Aboubacrine
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 25. Published 20 July 2022

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis involving mandibular condyle: a diagnostic muddle
Aishwarya Ashok Gupta, Anendd Arroon Jadhav
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 22. Published 06 July 2022

Carcinoma en-cuirasse a rare cutaneous presentation of breast malignancy
Vadlamudi Nagendra, Harshith Gowda
PAMJ-CM. 2022; 9: 21. Published 05 July 2022

Volume 10 (Sep - Dec 2022)
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