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The PAMJ CM Images provides quick access to images published in the PAMJ Clinical Medicine. Images are submitted by clinical practitioners around the world to share unique clinical features for knowledge sharing and medical practice and training. Images in clinical Medical are published and under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).
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Unilateral solar maculopathy
Mamoun Hani Zebbache
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 12: 3. Published 10 May 2023

A rare case of actinomycetoma
Raja Gunaseelan Santhaseelan, Krishna Prasanth Baalann
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 12: 1. Published 02 May 2023

A rare occurrence of giant cell tumor of distal ulna managed by Darrach´s procedure: a clinical image
Shivshankar Sheshrao Jadhav, Madhavi Mahadeo Kandarkar
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 11: 57. Published 28 April 2023

Skin nodules revealing leukemia: observation of a 3-month-old infant
Yousra El Boussaadni, Abdallah Oulmaati
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 11: 54. Published 28 March 2023

Hypermetropic anisometropia revealing a choroidal tumor
Rida El Hadiri, Rim El Hachimi
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 11: 51. Published 14 March 2023

A clinical image of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (Grade III) in the third trimester of pregnancy
Laksh Shubhangi Agrawal, Shazia Mohammad
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 11: 50. Published 07 March 2023

Retinal veno-venous anastomosis in chronic branch retinal vein occlusion: when natural healing takes place
Rida El Hadiri, Rim El Hachimi
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 11: 49. Published 03 March 2023

Lymphome cutané primitif diffus à grandes cellules B-type jambe- de localisation faciale: image en médecine
Mohamed Siboub, Siham Essabir
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 11: 48. Published 01 March 2023

A rare case of congenital upper limb deformity in a neonate
Shrut Vasavada, Parth Shah
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 11: 41. Published 17 February 2023

Bladder exstrophy-epispadias complex
Gopidi Sainidhi Reddy, Harshith Gowda
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 11: 40. Published 17 February 2023

Cataracte en fleur: image clinique rare
Zeinebou Hmeimett, Manal Tabchi
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 11: 36. Published 07 February 2023

Psoriasis vulgaris: a rare case
Shivam Sharma, Saiona Grover
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 11: 35. Published 07 February 2023

Pitted keratolysis
Shruti Prakash Kapatkar, Trupti Ishwardas Thakre
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 11: 32. Published 07 February 2023

A case of eosinophilic granuloma of lateral end of clavicle
Parth Shah, Shrut Vasavada
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 11: 31. Published 07 February 2023

Bilateral lens ectopia in the context of a consanguineous marriage
Zeinebou Hmeimett, Manal Tabchi
PAMJ-CM. 2023; 11: 29. Published 02 February 2023

Volume 12 (May - Aug 2023)
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