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The PAMJ CM Images provides quick access to images published in the PAMJ Clinical Medicine. Images are submitted by clinical practitioners around the world to share unique clinical features for knowledge sharing and medical practice and training. Images in clinical Medical are published and under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).
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Sialolithiasis in an accessory submandibular gland
Mohamed Sahli, Fouad Benariba
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 6: 22. Published 16 July 2021

Erythromelalgie primitive, une nouvelle observation
Madou Sissoko, Adama Aguissa Dicko
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 6: 16. Published 14 June 2021

Fracture en trappe du plancher orbitaire
Narjisse Taouri, Ouafae Cherkaoui
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 6: 12. Published 25 May 2021

A straightforward trochanteric fracture causing ischemia of the foot: about a rare case
Naoufal Elghoul, Bennis Azzelarab
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 6: 8. Published 12 May 2021

Rétinopathie de Purtscher unilatérale secondaire à un traumatisme cranio-facial
Souhail Jouahri, Yousra Boubnan
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 5: 88. Published 26 April 2021

Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome
Najlaa Salmi, Zouhair Lakhal
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 5: 82. Published 06 April 2021

"Keyhole-shaped pupil" mimicking the appearance of iris coloboma!
Taouri Narjisse, Boutimzine Nourdine
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 5: 79. Published 06 April 2021

Un cas rare de cellulite orbitaire compliquée de thrombose du sinus caverneux
Yousra Boubnan, Souhail Jouahri
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 5: 78. Published 31 March 2021

Néphrome kystique multiloculaire: une tumeur rénale kystique rare
Redouane Roukhsi, Zakaria Zouaki
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 5: 72. Published 23 March 2021

Arthrite septique du poignet: à propos d´un cas
El Ghazoui Amine, Kishi Takaakira
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 5: 69. Published 22 March 2021

Post-traumatic pseudoaneurysm of the external carotid artery
Abdel Ilah Drissi Maniani, Najwa Ech-Chrif El Kettani
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 5: 68. Published 18 March 2021

"Floating boat": incidental ultrasound finding of a jugular floating thrombus
Ibrahima Niang, Youssoupha Kasse
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 5: 66. Published 01 March 2021

Un carcinome épidermoïde conjonctival à révélation tardive
Alae El Bouaychi, Othmane Bouanani
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 5: 64. Published 22 February 2021

"Sein dans le sein": échographie et mammographie de l´hamartome
Ibrahima Niang, Mbaye Thiam
PAMJ-CM. 2021; 5: 61. Published 16 February 2021

Volume 7 (Sep - Dec 2021)
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